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Imperial Library of Paris - Reading room circa 1868
Imperial Library of Paris – Reading room circa 1868

To the purpose of this story, about which we will say some words, many people ask us what it would entail, and with this objective they sent us diverse reports of manifestations.  To the ones that thought to bring one brick to the building like this, we thank their intention, but we would say that this deals with something more serious than a catalog of spiritist phenomena easily and frequently found in many works.

Given that Spiritism has marked its presence in the annals of mankind, it will be interesting for the future generations to know by what means it had established itself.  It will then be, the story of the incidents which marked its first steps; of the struggles it had faced; of the hindrances that opposed it; of its progressive march in the entire world.

The true merit is modest and does not seek to impose itself.  It is necessary that mankind knows the names of the first pioneers of this work, those whose abnegation and devotedness deserved to be inscribed in its annals; of the cities that marched in the vanguard; of those who suffered due to the cause, in order for them to be blessed; of those that caused suffering, in order to pray for them, so that they may be forgiven.  In a word, of its dedicated friends and its declared and occult enemies.

It is necessary that intrigue and ambition do not usurp the place that does not belong to them, not even a recognition and an honor that are not owed to them.  If there are Judas, it is necessary that they are unmasked.

One part, that will not be any less interesting, will be of the revelations that successively announced all of the phases of this new era and the events of all kinds that accompanied them.

Those who think the task presumptuous, we will say that we do not have another merit except of possessing, through our exceptional position, documents which are not in the hands of anyone, which are sheltered from any eventualities.  Considering that Spiritism is itself being incontestably called upon, to perform a great role in History, it is important that this role isn’t distorted, and that its authentic story is shown, in opposition to the apocryphal stories which personal interest could fabricate.

When will it appear?  Not any time soon, and maybe not in our lifetime, for it is not destined to satisfy the curiosity of the moment.  If we speak of it in anticipation, it is so that no one errs in regard to its objective and that our intention may be recorded.  Actually, Spiritism is in its infancy, and many other things will happen until then.  Therefore, it is necessary to wait so that each may have taken its place, right or wrong.

Allan Kardec
Allan Kardec

Source:  Spiritst Magazine, October 1862 – Allan Kardec (translated by the team at Love & Charity Spiritist Center)