Study Groups

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Beyond our weekly meetings which are open to the public we also offer the following to our workers:


*Courses begin every calendar year, to sign up please contact us or speak to one of our workers during our public meetings for more information.

7:30pm – Systematized Study of the Spiritist Doctrine (only available in Portuguese) Estudo Sistematizado da Doutrina Espirita – ESDE Tomo 1, 2, & 3


*Must have completed all preceding levels of Study to attend, or by invitation only.

7:30pm – Advanced Study of the Spiritist Doctrine
Estudo Aprofundado da Doutrina Espirita

8:15pm – Mediumistic Group Work

  • Prayers and Vibrations – Definition: Emanation of positive energies directed to an individual through prayer (thought) by mediums.


  • Psychography – Definition: The writing by spirits using the medium’s hand.


  • Psychophony – Definition: Communication by spirits through the voice of a speaking medium.


NOTE: If you would like to submit the name of someone for the purpose of bringing them the kind and loving wave of beneficial vibrations from Divinity from our workers through their prayers and the aid of our Spirit benefactors to soothe whatever ails them at the moment, we welcome you to do so privately by messaging us through our Facebook page.

Feel free to provide the full name of the person to whom you’d like to prayer directed.